10 Best Places to Visit in Dubrovnik – Explore the History!!

 Dubrovnik is called the pearl of the Adriatic because it is the world’s most charming walled city. It is Croatia’s most upbeat destination, and you have the charm of overlooking the mighty Adriatic sea. You can smell the history in the air of this city as you pass by the fallen monuments and remains of buildings. There are so many places to visit and learn about its culture and tradition. We have listed the 10 best places to visit in Dubrovnik. Scroll through these places and learn about their history.

1. Maritime museum

If you want to understand the culture of a city, you have to turn pages and look through its history. This museum serves as the best place to do so. It is located on the St. John’s Fortress and was built to protect the old city’s harbour. The museum possesses a range of things, including models of ships, sailors’ uniforms, maps and navigational instruments. The collection makes it one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city to visit on all Croatia package holidays. Along with all the history it carries, it also houses an underground aquarium that has one of the most unique marine life.

Location: Damjana Jude

2. The Rector’s Palace

Rector’s palace is a mix of both European Renaissance and Slavic Baroque styles of architecture. This place which is included in our 10 best places to visit in Dubrovnik, is the most visited in Dubrovnik. The first person to live here was the chief citizen of the palace; he lived on the first floor. This palace is so charming that it was used for Games of Thrones shooting, as the atrium of Spice King of Qarth. It is filled with ornate furniture and armour. 

Location: Pred Dvorom

3. The Old City Walls

The Old City Walls were also featured in the famous TV series Game of Thrones. The wall was built to protect the city from invaders, and this wall is around six metres high and thick. Perfect for an evening stroll and sightseeing as it offers breathtaking views of the Adriatic and inwards of the city. The main spots near Old City Wall include the two towers, namely Minceta and Bokar, along with two forts Lovrijenac and Revelin.


4. Banje Beach

This beach is the most beautiful in Dubrovnik, and it is also the closest to the Old town. You can also see the breathtaking Old City Walls from this beach. A part of this beach requires a fee to enter while the remaining part, which is open to all, is filled with activities. You can relax here after you have spent your entire day sightseeing. There are various activities where you can enjoy lively beach volleyball, mini football and water polo. But you can always relax and have a drink. 

Location: Frana Supila

5. Pile Gate

Pile Gate, which is one of the most popular places in Dubrovnik, has served as the entrance and is still the most interesting access point to the city. It was formerly surrounded by a moat and drawbridge, which was built in 1537. This gate also has a beautiful garden in the old moat. There are other notable things about the gate, which include a statue of St. Blaise situated in a niche in the arch. This statue was built by Ivan Meštrovic, who is a Croatian artist. Now the gate stands open 24*7, and sometimes local people get dressed in period costumes and pose as guards. 

Location: Vrata od Pila


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