5 Facts About Tips To Avail Exciting Discounts And Offers On Branded TVs That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

 According to the reports of a market research organization, as of 2018, the market for televisions was valued at around Rs.7 billion and is expected to reach around Rs.13 billion by 2024. This denotes a CAGR of about 9.25%.

The number of brands and the plethora of products available in this segment has made this market competitive, and companies like LG are introducing a host of new features every year to grab the attention of customers. With the integration of the latest innovations, the prices for the new TV models have also increased in the past few years.

However, individuals can combat the LG TV prices, alongside that of other brands, by opting for different discounts and offers.

Tips to enjoy a good deal on branded TVs

Here are some tips that can help individuals to grab a discount on Samsung, Sony, or LG TV prices –

1. Exchange offers

The easiest way to avail discounts on the purchase of a new TV set is through exchange offers. These plans allow individuals to give away their old televisions and get new ones at discounted prices.

Here, sellers will evaluate the current condition of the old TV and assign a value to it. After that, they will discount that price from the new one, allowing buyers to save on their current purchase.

2. Seasonal sales

Seasonal sales are another way to gain sizeable discounts on the purchase of 32 inch smart led tv and offers like these are run by retailers throughout the year, which allow you to enjoy attractive pricing and other benefits. Diwali sales, Christmas sales, Republic day sales, etc., are some common examples of such events.

Along with these, a year-end sale is also a perfect opportunity to grab discounts on branded television sets. Companies organize these events at the end of a financial year to clear out their inventory and make room for new products. Buyers can keep a tab on such offers to buy products at discounted rates.

3. Manufacturer’s offers

Television manufacturers often extend various periodic offers to help buyers enjoy a discounted price on their favorite TVs. They can keep tabs on the official website and subscribe to the brand newsletter to stay updated on such promotional offers.

4. Payment cards

Digital payment options like credit cards can also help individuals avail attractive offers on their television purchases. Usually, credit card companies have tie-ups with various brands and retail outlets, and if anyone shops from these places, they can enjoy discounts or better pricing compared to other customers.

Also, the availability of reward points can be a factor here. Users can accumulate these points over time and then redeem them on future purchases for attractive discounts.

5. EMI store

The  EMI Store has over 43,000 registered sellers and a comprehensive inventory of consumer durables. Moreover, Sony, Samsung, and lg tv prices alongside that of all other brands on this platform are competitive, and buyers can also take advantage of various offers to enjoy a better deal.

Here are some notable benefits of shopping through the EMI store –

  • Buyers can opt for No Cost EMIs, which help them with repayment.
  • Consumers can also avoid making down payments while purchasing their favorite products.
  • Access to an extensive inventory of the latest offerings from various domestic and international brands.
  • Pre-approved offers that fast tracks any credit application.

Along with these, buyers can further ease their financial burden of buying a branded TV with a EMI Network Card. This digital payment card provides individuals with a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs.2 lakh, allowing customers to streamline their purchases.

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