Activating Self-Healing through Food & Water

Today in this fast moving world we rarely pay attention to the food we eat and the water we drink. Here, we are not talking of likes and dislikes for a particular cuisine or the fact that I have a filter at home that cleans my drinking water, we are talking about the energy with which the food is cooked.

Present scenario:

When we dine out or take out food, which is pretty often today as we are short on time, we are consuming others energy – be it negative or positive. The thoughts we create while cooking food are absorbed by the food and we consume it and our body absorbs it. A cook in a restaurant cooks with the thought that he has to make money – energy spent is for making money. When we consume such food our  minds creates similar energy. As we see in the world today – money is of prime importance – the means to get it is becoming less significant. Therefore values are diminishing and the world is becoming increasingly stressful. So, what can we do about this? Spirituality has an answer for everything.


We can charge our food with divine energy and make it work like a miraculous medicine for our soul as well as our body. Does this sound bizarre? It did to me too. Spirituality teaches us many things that seem strange at first – but as we practice them and get wonderful results, we accept the power of self healing.

The method:

When I was told to energise my food and water, I just did it as an experiment – just the way I did experiments in school for the science classes. I began to charge my food and water like this:

Look at the food/water and create the thought – “I am a divine soul with pure divine energy.” Say it about seven times. Along with, feel divine golden rays falling on me and this pure divine energy is going into the food or water that I’m going to consume. This food or water is charged and it will make me healthy and peaceful. 

These are very powerful thoughts that enter what you are going to consume.

I began this practice. Initially it required me to be a bit mindful – but slowly it became a habit. Migraines were a big problem for me then. They just disappeared. I realised it only when a friend asked me how often I was experiencing them. It takes only a minute and the changes are immense . It was a very satisfying experience.

I also began to use this method to cook food. While cooking continuously feel this divine energy coming from above, falling on you and from you into the food/ water. The whole experience is so beautiful – makes you feel beautiful while practising and has even more beautiful results.

Another experience:

Another friend of mine too practised the same exercise. Her mother had tremors and so her hands would shake. Doctors declared it as an age related problem. She charged her food with divine energy and soon the tremors were gone. 

How it works:

The intention while doing it is important.

An experiment was carried out in Japan by a researcher – Masaru Emote. He put water in 3 containers – wrote love on one, hate on another and nothing on the third. He left it for a while and then saw the water crystals under the microscope. The one with hate written on it had chaotic fragmented structure, the one with love on it had beautiful structure. This brings us to the conclusion that our thoughts have a huge impact on water. The food we eat too has a large percentage of water. So our divine thought charges it with similar energy. The food or water gets charged with this divine energy , thus healing us.

Moreover, our body too is made up of 70% water. When this water is replaced with such water with divine energy our, body heals itself.


We do not pay attention to what we think while cooking or eating. At least I did not. This information has changed my attitude towards food and water and I am surely a healthier and more peaceful person for that. The good news is that it is a simple and a totally free method. It takes a minute of my attention and the magic of self-healing begins.

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