All you need to know about Banglarbhumi WB Plot

 Banglarbhumi is a state-run web portal which stores information regarding the land and its reforms, rehabilitation centre and refugee camps. Residents can easily access land information WB such as property value, mutation, locality, plot number and other registered data.

How to access Banglarbhumi WB?

To register, a new user has first to create a password and enter personal details like name, municipality, phone number, etc. A verification OTP is sent to the number provided for confirmation, submitting which completes the registration process.

Once the sign-up is complete, a new user has to log in as a departmental user or citizen following a separate procedure using phone number, captcha and password.

Features of Banglarbhumi WB portal

Banglarbhumi portal provides detailed land information WB, which can be beneficial for a home loan applicant as well. Some of the features of this site are –

  • The website saves times as people don’t need to visit the government office and wait in a queue.
  • An entrepreneur can directly check the site for information regarding a plot, property value, registration, etc.
  • Every registered member can look up details about the land 24×7 with a few clicks.
  • Avoiding disputes from conflicting or false ownership claims is possible with inclusive plot and Khaitan evidence.
  • Transparency in information regarding record keeping and maintenance of land.
  • Citizen services are available on Banglarbhumi WB portal via Jomir Thatya App, which helps a user to access details on RS-LR, fees, case status, etc.
  • It also allows land conversion by applying to Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department.

Banglarbhumi WB plot is a convenient option for individuals seeking an organised way to access land-related information. Those opting for a home loan can check the website to find the right plot for their dream house.

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