How to Create Positive thinking ?

I have heard from childhood – the world was created with thought. However, today so much talk is going on about the power of thought. ‘Be positive’ is the mantra for today. True, we need to be positive – but when we have a flood of negative thoughts it isn’t easy to stop that negative flow.

Origin of Thoughts

It is important therefore to understand how thoughts originate. All thoughts have their seed in the information the mind receives. On an average, the first thing we read or hear in the morning is ‘news’ or messages on WhatsApp or similar social media. All this input is anything but positive. In fact it is replete with opinions, sarcasm or actual information which is sadly depressing.

Also, when I indulge in gossip be it on social media or our conversations with people – we are then creating negative energy within ourselves which depletes soul power and pulls me towards a negative thought process. Gossip is nothing but looking at others weaknesses and either discussing them or ridiculing them. My aim is to be well informed rather than scripting others flaws. How aimless and futile is that! Also, by discussing others flaws we are gaining nothing and in fact we lose our inner power. We are giving energy to the negative in others and also allowing it to seep within.


My mind receives this negative information the first thing in the morning and this now becomes the foundation of what I think. If I have read about a child being abducted- and my child reaches home late – my mind gets flooded with negative thoughts which are very hard to control. I’ll call him/her several times and now suppose the number is unreachable my mind will create an imaginary emergency. After all this stressful internal conversation, when my child reaches home I am in a very unstable state mentally. Instead of asking what caused the delay I get angry with him/her and blame him for the situation. Now the culprit here is the information I fed myself with. The root of all negative thoughts is the material I supply my mind with.

What is the solution then?

Shouldn’t we read the news or read messages from friends and family? Sure, we should be well informed and well connected. However, it is a good idea to supply our mind with positive information first thing in the morning. The rest of the information can follow later in the day. When we get up from sleep our subconscious mind is active and all the matter we supply it with gets stored. The subconscious mind is very very powerful and is like background music playing within all the time. So negative input will create negative music and thus a negative chain of thoughts. So the first step is to be mindful of the information we supply ourselves with in the morning to keep the background music in my subconscious mind, positive. Positive information is also available – let us choose wisely and keep the news and social media for a later time in the day.

Moreover, the question then arises, if we have a problem with others, should we not discuss it with our well-wishers for fear of gossiping and losing inner strength? Sure, we must but let us check the underlying intention behind the conversation. Are we trying to figure out a solution? Or just wanting to talk about the person aimlessly? If we are solution oriented, it is a good idea to do so, but strangely we feel quite satisfied with proving others wrong which actually brings a decline in our inner capabilities. This is because slowly, their weaknesses become a part of my personality as I have discussed them in great detail. We then begin to feel stressed, sad and low for no apparent reason. There is a simple and absolutely doable and practical mantra we can follow.

The Mantra for Positive Thinking & Attitude:

1. Positive input first thing in the morning.

2. Reading news and other information a little later in the day

3. Refraining from gossip

4. Looking at others strengths not weaknesses

5. Being solution oriented; rather than problem oriented.

Let me be mindful of the above and gradually my life changes miraculously from negative to positive and finally to happiness within.

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